General conditions for all NSPAS competitors

1Order of performance

Competitor's names will appear in the Programme in the order in which they will compete unless pre-arranged by the stage manager.
All competitors must be in attendance at least 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the class. The approximate start times will be listed in the programme. Those not present when called may, at the discretion of the stage manager, forfeit the right to compete.


No person other than officials, performers, and stage prop handlers is permitted backstage during performances.

3Photocopied Music

By law, it is not permitted to use photocopied music when performing on stage. However, a photocopy or scanned digital copy may be given to the adjudicator.

4Cameras, Video Cameras, and Mobile Phones

Any photography, with or without flash, is strictly prohibited during performances. Photography of your own child or student is allowed before or after the performance. Video recording is NOT PERMITTED, except for approved school assessments such as NCEA and IB and prior permission from the section convenor has been obtained in advance. The convenor may require written confirmation from the school confirming the necessity of the recording for assessment purposes.


Prizes will be awarded at the adjudicator's discretion. If there are fewer than four entrants, only first prize may be awarded. This rule may not apply to individually sponsored classes. When two or more competitors tie for first place, the adjudicator has the right to recall those performers to determine a winner. Should a first equal be awarded, both the first and second prize monies will be amalgamated and split equally.


All trophies are the property of the Society. Please return your trophies each year to the addresses specified by each section convenors. Engraving of trophies and cups is the responsibility of the winner; please ensure conformity of size, style, and detail with previous years’ winners.

7Duplication of items

The same item may not be entered twice in the competition.

Junior Vocal Section Rules

Official pianist is Rachel Song - email (
It is essential that you contact the official pianist as soon as possible so that your rehearsal times can be arranged. For out-of-town entrants who need to use the official pianist, special arrangements may be arranged providing adequate notice is given.


This competition is for amateurs only and is not open to professional singers.


The closing date for entries is 15-Mar-2024. NO LATE ENTRIES will be accepted after the closing date.

The Base Entry Fee is $35 and non-refundable under any circumstances. Entry Fees are $15 per class unless mentioned in the class description. The full Fee is non-refundable once the competition programme has been finalised and published on the website.

Entries are to be completed on our website

Fees should be paid by internet banking to ASB account 12-3015-0496524-02 (provide the competitor's first name and surname as Reference, e.g., J Bloggs). No entries will be accepted without FULL PAYMENT prior to the closing date.

3Age limits

Age limits are detailed in the class descriptions. Age is reckoned as at Mar 1 of each year.

4Time limits

Time limits will be strictly observed. The Adjudicator has the option of ringing the bell when the time limit has been reached. The adjudicator will deduct one mark for every 10 seconds exceeding the time limit.


Full song titles and surnames of composers must be supplied on your entry form. No change of item will be permitted after the programme is finalised.

Important: No item may be sung more than once in the competition.


Music for the adjudicator must be handed to the stage manager no later than 15 minutes prior to the commencement of each class. Each music must state clearly on the front page (ideally top right-hand corner): Full Name, Class Number, and Programme Number of the class. Competitors whose music is not handed in before the commencement of the class may, at the discretion of the convenor, forfeit their right to compete.


Competitors may not appear more than once in each class.


Ballad: A narrative poem in short stanzas of popular origin, or an expression of a simple emotion, originally sung to a repeated tune.

Duets/Trios/Quartets: A musical composition, including musical theatre, for two or more performers in which all the performers have equal importance to the piece, often a composition involving two or more singers.

Folk Song: A song of which the music and text have been handed down by oral tradition among common people.

Lieder or Lied: An Art Song sung in German.


Unless otherwise mentioned in the syllabus, monetary prizes will be awarded as follows:

1st $25.00
2nd $20.00
3rd $15.00


Pearl Broad Memorial Cup

This cup and $25.00 will be awarded by the adjudicator to the most promising vocalist in the 14 and 15 age group

Elisabeth Gibson Memorial Cup

This cup and $50.00 will be awarded by the adjudicator to the most promising vocalist in the 16 and 17 age group.

Ellery Cup

This cup and $40.00 will be awarded to the competitor gaining the highest overall marks in classes 215(b), 216(b), 217(b) and 218(b). (10 and 11 years)

Belcher Cup

This cup and $25.00 will be awarded to the competitor gaining the highest overall marks in classes 215(a), 216(a), 217(a) and 218(a). (9 years and under).